Gabelbrücke oben schwarz

Gabelbrücke oben schwarz

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Our milled motorcycle triple clamps combine the immense know-how from the motorcycle racing elite with top-notch quality and offer an impressive list of outstanding features. Each component is made from high-quality aluminum to ensure maximum performance and stability.

One outstanding feature of our triple clamps is their minimal weight. By using high-quality aluminum, a lightweight construction is made possible, reducing the overall weight of the motorcycle. This results in significantly improved agility and torsional rigidity, allowing the motorcycle to navigate corners quickly and precisely, even under extreme conditions. The milled ignition lock holder provides easy and precise installation.

Our milled motorcycle triple clamps have proven themselves in the highest national and international racing series. They are used by professional racers, providing exclusive and first-class material for hobby racers as well. The experience and feedback from racing are incorporated into the development of our triple clamps to ensure the highest quality standards.

Another big advantage is that the upper fork bridge can be plug & play mounted without much effort. In addition, a corresponding bracket for the steering damper is included on the bridge. Additional holes on the lower fork bridge to attach data recording sensors perfectly and cleanly.

Other triple clamps for Öhlins or ZF forks on request.

Please note that this is a pure racing product and does not have street approval.