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paddock stand adapter

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  • Light weight rolling paddock stand adaptor to ease bike lifting
  • Paddock stand adaptor available for all motorcycles with a M6, M8, M10 x 1.25 and M10 x 1.5 thread in the swinging arm
  • Chamfer on both sides to enable safe and easy fitment of fork style stands, while at the same time protecting the swinging arm
  • Paddock stand adaptor is produced from wear resistant POM with a 19mm diameter
  • including screw cover in the unique, distinctive gilles.tooling design
Yamaha and Aprilia M6 PSA-06-01-N
Suzuki and Honda M8 PSA-08-01-N
BMW M8 PSA-08-01-N
Kawasaki from 1998 M10x1,25 PSA-10-01-N
KTM from 2005 M10 PSA-11-01-N
paddock stand adapter

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